Tuesday, September 30, 2008

20080930tu2007, at my desk

20080930tu1822, going to client site

20080930tu1206, finishing install of Office 2008

After installing Office 2008, there were three critical updates, each
seemingly replacing the previous. I believe they were 12.1.0 then
12.1.1 then 12.1.2. They were all about 150 MB in size. It's too bad
Microsoft doesn't offer a single cumulative update. Having to install
three critical updates right after installing a program doesn't
instill confidence. Furthermore, most users wouldn't think to perform
an update.

20080930tu1024, leaving McDonald Optical

20080930tu0758, returning to my office

20080930tu0719, strength training circuit begins

20080930tu0715, elliptical warmup/workout complete

12 minutes, 172.9 calories burned.

20080930tu0702, elliptical warmup/workout

This is a 12 minute cardio warmup/workout prior to strength training.
When time permits, it can be extended to 18 minutes.

20080930tu0659, walking to the gym

20080930tu0658, walking to the gym

20080930tu0644, my metabolic age is 26 years old

20080930tu0412, at my desk

20080930tu0401, riding to the office early